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Being on pregnancy #4 now, I’ve learned a lot to prevent swelling from happening at all. I’m going to go over all my tips on preventing swelling during pregnancy that have actually worked really well for me. My first three pregnancies were in the Seattle area, so I didn’t have to deal with humidity, but two of them were in the dead of summer. Now, my fourth pregnancy is in the dead of summer in the hot, humid Florida.

Even if you’re not pregnant during the summer, swelling can be painful and seriously annoying during pregnancy. I know a few mamas who had their feet swell up duiring the final weeks of pregnancy, and many mamas who start swelling in the first trimester, and stay swolen. So what is going on?

Factors that cause swelling during pregnancy:

  • Hormonal changes cause water retention
  • Fluid is stored for birth, baby and breastfeeding once baby is born
  • Serious issues like Preeclemsia can cause sudden swelling of the hands and feet
  • Eating more salty foods than usual because of cravings

Most of the time, diet is a big factor in swelling during pregnancy. Many mamas start eating more carb-heavy and salt-heavy foods, which cause your body to hold more water.

Tricks I use to avoid swelling during pregnancy:

Avoid packaged, high-salt foods:

Besides the first trimester, where I basically eat all the chips, cheese and salt to survive, I keep my diet as clean as possible. I often do clean eating challenges for 10-14 days on Instagram, which really help keep me from eating all the processed carbs and salt. I highly recommend grabbing my clean eating challenge here on this blog, or joining us on Instagram! You will find that eating clean also means eating a lot of high-water content foods, which help tremendously.

Eat plenty of high-water content foods:

Fruits and vegetables are your best friends when it comes to avoiding swelling. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, particularly in the summer. With the extra water inside the food, you are adding to your water and liquid intake, which helps flush out the water your body wants to store. Some of my favorite, high-water content foods include:

  • Grapefruit
  • Cucumbers
  • Pineapples
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon
  • Peaches
  • Asparagus (can help get rid of water)
  • Ice burg lettuce (mostly water!)

These foods can help you flush water out of your system, and they also offer natural electrolytes, nutrients and fiber to fill you up!

I eat higher protein, lower carb:

By focusing on my protein shakes and higher protein meals, I keep my carbs lower. Carbs will cause you to retain more water. It is a well-known fact in the fitness industry that as soon as you go low carb, you start flushing water out of your system, but you also start needing more water and salt. Many low-carbers will find themselves bloated and swolen after a higher-carb day. This is just the nature of how the nutrients work in our bodies. I do not do extremeley low carb with no fruit. I steer clear of a lot of bread, pastas, crackers, chips and grains. By keeping healthy, high-fiber carbs in my diet, I don’t have the fluctuations in my water retention, but still keep my water retention very low during pregnancy!

My protein shakes are my FAVORITE way to get in my protein, specifically in the morning. I LOVE them. My protien powder, Bump Dust, is specifically formulated to help with cravings, and it has helped me so much! If I start my day with one of these recipes, I literally feel so full and satisfied ALL DAY.

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If you follow me on Instagram, you will see me making a lot of spinach + strawberry protien shakes. For some reason that has been my go-to lately, but I do change it up. I think the huge infusion of vitamins from the fresh spinach and strawberries, with the added vitamins, protien and herbs in my protein powder is so amazing for pregnancy!

I have ice water with me at all times:

This is huge for being in FL during the summer. If you aren’t by the ocean, a pool or somewhere with shade and a breeze, you can easily sweat yourself to death in the heat. By sipping on cold ice water, you will be able to keep yourself so much cooler. I am surviving very well in the heat and humidity by always having ice water with me. This also keeps baby cool, which you don’t want your internal temp to rise and affect your baby.

I try to get 10k steps or more every day:

I do not sit for long periods of time. This is really important to keeping your blood flow going and your system moving. By moving most of the day (except for a few hours of work in the middle of the day), I am able to keep my feet moving, stay upright and keep circulation going. Circulation is really important to swelling as well. There are many affordable step trackers out there you can get to help you keep track of your movement. I’ve found that if I am active with the boys at the beach, park or pool, and I do about 30 minutes of exercise (running on the treadmill, HIIT, walking + strength), then I can hit my step goals. Not always, but most of the time I do.

There are also some things I don’t do, to ensure that I keep from swelling. Here are a list of those things too 🙂

Things I never do, to avoid swelling during pregnancy:

  • I never drink sugary sodas
  • I never drink sports drinks (with all the sugar)
  • I don’t drink any packaged smoothies
  • I don’t eat cereal or granola bars (stick to plain oatmeal)
  • I don’t use iodized salt when cooking. I only use sea salt
  • I don’t eat fatty, hormone-filled meats like cheap ground beef and steaks (get grass-fed, free range etc.). The added hormones can mess with your hormones
  • I don’t eat white rice or white potatoes (the carbs are so high and nutrients really low!). Stick to sweet potatoes or quinoa

I really hope this helps you with your swelling during pregnancy. If you’ve already started to swell, there are some things you can do to help it go down!

How to fix your swelling during pregnancy, once it starts:

If  you are already swollen, I want you to immediately clean up your diet and follow my tips on low carb, high water foods etc. Just a few days of that can really make a difference! You can also:

  • Try sleeping with your feet elevated
  • Wear compression stockings (get help finding the right level of compression for you)
  • Sit on a ball, rather than an office chair or couch and move your body more
  • Do more stretching and yoga
  • Massage your legs and arms to get circulation going
  • Try dry brushing in the shower to get the lympatic system working
  • Drink herbal teas to help flush the water out

Just remember, everything will end! The swelling will stop and baby will arrive before you know it. I repeatedly remind myself that feeling large and uncomfortable is only temporary. It will be over soon. I really hope these tips help you, as they’ve worked for me!

Dealing with cellulite during pregnancy is not fun, and it can seem like pregnancy makes all the cellulite way worse. I personally have an increased amount of cellulte during pregnancy, and it can be very difficult to deal with when you aren’t used to it. All the cellulite can also be emotionally hard if you are gaining a lot of weight.

Being on my fourth pregnancy now, I can tell you I know exactly how hard it is to deal with the extra weight gain and appearance of cellulite. Let’s get into a chat on how to deal with this excess cellulite, understand why it is happening, and go over some possible ways to diminish it!

First things first, why does cellulite increase during pregnancy?

Cellulite increases as our fat cells expand underneath our skin. The extra fat gain during pregnancy is going to increase the appearance of cellulite. But, what if you haven’t gained much fat? Many mamas don’t gain much extra fat and still see an increase in cellulite. So, what is going on?

Additional factors besides weight gain that cause cellulite during pregnancy:

Pregnancy also causes extra liquid to remain in your cells. This fluid is stored in fat cells and other cells under ths skin. As your cells increase in size underneath the skin, you can see more dimples popping through. The fluid is stored because of the increased estrogen during pregnancy, as well as the extra fluid needed for producing breast milk when baby arrives.

Hormonal factors can also effect the elasticity of your skin. The increasead estrogen, and varrying hormonal levels during pregnancy can cause a difference in your skin. This can make cellulite more visible than when you aren’t pregnant. Just keep in mind this is a temporary experience, until your hormones, bodily fluids and weight get back to normal again.

How I deal with cellulite during pregnancy:

I acknowledge that over 90% of women deal with cellulite – pregnant or not!

Instagram, YouTube and other social media outlets can give the illusion that many women don’t have cellulite. Not very many fitness professionals or influencers post photos in a lighting that shows cellulite. I love that one fitness influencer, Emily Skye, specifically posts her cellulite with her pregnancy to help encourage other mamas.  Everytime I see my own cellulite, and I remember that almost every other woman has cellulite, pregnant or not. So, by just remembering that, you can happily deal with your own.

I focus on protein and lower carbs:

Many women don’t realize that carbs can contribute to swelling and water retention. Eating lower carb can help your body let go of water, both in pregnancy and after. Besides the first trimester, when things are all haywire, I like to eat lower carb, clean and higher protein. I have a Youtube video up on everything I eat in a day, when I am not on an eating clean challenge. This is a very basic, and fairly low carb day for me.

I am not a huge fan of meat in the first trimester or second, and sometimes all pregnancy, so my protein shakes are super helpful! I love them really, and because I use Bump Dust, they are full of delicious flavor and very low carb. Not to mention all the fabulous nutrients for pregnancy. In my video I show you a super yummy smoothie bowl I love to make on the mornings when I have more time.

I do cardio and strength:

Working out during pregnancy is so helpful to managing your weight gain and feeling good. A lot of the weight gain comes because mamas start feeling discouraged, big, slow and uncomfortable – so they don’t workout at all. Cardio is essential to keeping the blood flowing, your heart strong, your blood pressure down and burning any extra calories you are consuming. Strength work is essential for maintaining your muscle mass, which will help keep your metabolism up! Just cardio will help you keep your calorie consumption in check, and overall weight gain in check, but you will want to keep your muscle mass too. Muscle can also help diminish the appearance of cellulite by giving you a more toned appearance! If you let your muscle mass decrease, then your metabolism can slow down. My program involves quick, efficient strength workouts with cardio bursts to help you get all in at once. I often post workouts on my Instagram too, to help give you more ideas on what you can do to try and stay in shape.


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Hello #25weekspregnant!! I’ve got a good, low-impact workout with compound moves. Meaning you are doing legs and arms at the same time. This is a great workout when you don’t feel like working out. Simple moves, you can go heavy or light in your weights, and no intense jumping around. You are still working many muscles at once, which makes it effective!! – Each move 40 sec and 20 sec rest – 1 min rest in between sets – 3-4 sets for about 18-24 min workout Don’t mind my super tight white pants…obviously that was the last time i could pull those off 😂😂 I am so excited for our clean eating challenge starting July 6th!! If you are joining, comment on my last post! The before pics are already coming in, and I can’t wait to see everyone after 10 days!!! The link to the free plan is in my bio titled, “10-day Reset.” #preggers #fourthpregnancy #pregnant #summerpregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #fitpregnancy #prenataldiet #pregnancynutrition #pregnancydiet #pregnancyworkout #prenatalfitness #secondtrimester #secondtrimesterworkout #fitpregnancy #fitbump #healthypregnancy . . . #postpartumnutrition #postpartumfitness #postpartimdiet #nursingmama #nursingmom #4thtrimester #4thtrimesterbodies #bodyafterbaby #losingthebabyweight #losethebabyweight #postpartumweightloss #postpartumworkout #postpartumhealing #postpartumlife

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I drink a lot of water:

This is the boring tip that is so helpful! The more water you drink, the more you can flush out of your body. I think it is easier in the summer to drink more water because it helps cool us off here in Florida. Water is essential for pregnant mamas, especially in the summer to ensure you don’t get dehydrated. Find a big bottle you like and keep it full!

Foam rolling and stretching:

Foam rolling and stretching can help a bit with your fascia that is between your fat/muscle tissue and your skin. If this is super tight with knots, it can also increase the appearance of cellulite. Sometimes foam rolling and increasing mobility to areas like your hips, glutes and thighs can alleviate knots and increase blood flow. Circulation has been associated with cellulite, so I do some rolling and stretching just to help!

Overall, remember the increased cellulite during pregnancy is temporary.

I have to tell myself every day that pregnancy in general is only temporary. I refuse to allow myself to get depressed with the weight gain, soreness, back issues, fatigue and cellulte. I try to make nutritious food choices and stay as active as I can every day.

If you are struggling to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy, definitely download my free, 7-day workout challenge, and try my eating clean challenge. There are sign ups for the eating clean challenge on every blog post, and I promise you will not forget it!

I am pregnant with my 4th baby now, and I am very determined to prevent Diastasis Recti again this time. I was able to bring my abs back together after my last pregnancy, and I have everything I did in my postpartum program once baby arrived. Since becoming a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist, I have even more moves and exercises I am focusing on now in pregnancy! I am determined to keep my abs as strong as possible this pregnancy, to make it even easier to heal after birth.

I’ve put all the exercises that I will be doing in my Belly-Only pregnancy plan, and I am also filming and creating more workouts to protect your core and pelvic floor through your whole pregnancy. If this isn’t your first pregnancy, you really know the importance of maintaining fitness and caring for your core during pregnancy. It helps eliminate the work we have to do when baby arrives, and helps us heal after baby as well.

Why preventing diastasis recti during pregnancy is important:

Preventative exercises during pregnancy develop muscle memory. This is just as important as muscle strength and endurance. We need to teach your muscles early how to work properly. Then, after some rest period, the process of returning to normal and working again will be much easier. Basically, you are teaching your muscles what to do after baby arrives. Then you have the muscle strength and endurance aspect. In order for your muscles to properly fuse back together, they need strength and endurance. The strength factor is what will create the tension. The endurance factor allows them to work and hold your body throughout the day. Practicing these moves will encourage your muscles to repair faster.

How to prevent diastasis recti during pregnancy:

Your basic plan to prevent diastasis recti involves doing the correct exercises consistently. I found that consistency was the hardest part for me. Each pregnancy workout felt rushed, with two toddlers running around me or waiting for me to grab them at the gym nursery, so the diastasis recti exercises were the easiest to skip. I prescribe practicing my diastasis recti prevention plan 3-4 days a week along with the strength training plan. This will help you make progress and build the muscle memory, yet not feel like it is too repetitive. The key is to build muscle memory, just as much as strength.

Why muscle memory plays a role in Diastasis Recti prevention:

Muscle memory is really what is sounds like. Your muscles store activity patterns and “remember” how to engage and work together. It is very similary to riding a bike. Your mind and muscles just never forget how to work a bike without flling over. The more you work on muscle memory and engagement during pregnancy, the easier it will be postpartum. Practice engaging your core with breaths either on an exercise ball, while standing or on your back if you are early in pregnancy. Doing prenatal Pilates is an amazing way to practice core work and breath. I was a Pilates instructor many years ago. Pilates is the foundation of my pregnancy and postpartum programs, and I highly encourage you to start working on your muscle memory now.

Doing the correct exercises is super important to prevent diastasis recti during pregnancy as well. 

You don’t want to do planks or crunches, or many ab exercises lying on your back. In my postpartum program, we do a lot of Pilates moves to restore your abs, which is great because you no longer have a big belly to worry about. Many of these moves are great for the first trimester, and beginning of the second, but not so much for the third. Sticking with ab exercises you can do on an exercise ball is wonderful because it involves balance as well. Exercises while down on all fours are good exercises to do too. Practicing good posture while pregnant also has numerous benefits to your abs in general, and it will help you continue the correct posture post-baby, which will pull your abs in even further. The correct exercises will involve breathing with your contractions properly, because breath is important to the pelvic floor as well.

5 exercises you can do to help prevent diastasis recti during pregnancy:

Exercise Ball Single Leg Lifts:

Sorry this angle is a little weird!

This is where you sit on the exercise ball, and you will alternate lifting one leg at a time. Basically you are marching in place, while sitting on the exercise ball. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhaie lift one leg straight up, keeping your knee bent. Inhale as you lower your leg, and exhale as you lift your other leg. Try holding your leg up for about 5 seconds or so. The key is to contract your ab muscles as you exhale and lift your leg. You are also forced to balance on the ball at the same time, engaging other core muscles.

Standing Single Leg Lifts:

This is the same exercise we did above, but now that you are warmed up, move to standing. This requires a different kind of balance, which will continue the ab work. Remember to contract your abdominals on your exhale, as you lift one leg at a time.

Ab Contractions on All Fours:

This one is very simple. Get down on all fours, and you will feel like you are going to do the cat/cow pose. You can warm up with a few of those if you want. Here, you want to keep your back straight. No arching or rounding like you would in cat/cow pose. Use your breath to help you contract your abs and pull them up into your back. As you exhale, you want to contract. Inhale and relax. Do not use your back to help you. Focus only on your abdominals moving.

Side Planks:

Side planks actually work the full abdominals, not just your obliques. You can lay on your side with your legs out straight, or with your knees bent, depending on what is more comfortable. Inhale, then as you exhaie lift your side off the flour. Hold for a few seconds, then inhale as you lower down. Make sure to do reps on both sides.

Posture Breaths Using A Wall:

Use a wall to help you stand with correct posture. Align your heels, shoulder blades and the back of your head to the wall. While standing in a good position, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale pull your belly button in. Do not tilt your pelvis to help you pull your abs in. Imagine a string from your belly button pulling your abs towards the wall. No other body parts need to be helping. Practicing posture while engaging your abs will be so helpful when baby comes, and it helps with your overally movement throughout the rest of the day.

Practice these 5 exercises 5 days a week, and do enough reps per side or exercises to feel a burn. The key is repetition to build the memory, not necessarily making your abs super sore. 

Glute and hamstring exercises also help prevent diastasis recti during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a common posture issue that develops is a lack of strength in the glutes and hamstrings, which tilts your pelvis and pooches your tummy. By learning to stand in neutral spin, without tucking your butt underneath you is super important. Maintaining strength in your gluts with donkey kicks, single-leg dead lifts, squats and lunges to maintain strength in your posterior chain, which will help support your abs and the correct posture. Everything works together, so you don’t want to neglect other muscle groups just because you are worried about your abs.

In my program, I have a lot of balance movements to further activate the core, with hip and glute strength movements to ensure you don’t lose the support you need. I also have strength training workouts that will help with this as well.

Making the time do to these exercises weekly, throughout pregnancy is really important. Your abs and pelvic floor will heal much faster postpartum, and you can help your tummy get back to flat now. These exercises can also help prevent bladder issues, pain and more that can heppen postpartum.

You can totally burn fat during pregnancy, and even lose fat during your pregnancy as your belly grows. This is actually a wonderful, natural process for those who are starting pregnancy out heavier than expected. Maybe you didn’t even get a chance to try to lose the baby weight, before you got pregnant again. Maybe the baby weight never came off, then before you knew it, you were pregnant. Whatever the case may be, pregnancy is never an excuse to not eat healthy or exercise. In fact, eating healthy and exercising during pregnancy have enormous positive effects on your baby too. I am pregnant with my fourth baby now, and every pregnancy, I gain more weight than I should in the first trimester. I literally can not eat anything healthy for about 4 weeks of the first trimester. I also can’t workout, and I lay on the couch as much as possible.

By the time I get to the second trimester, or about 14 weeks or so, I am feeling so much better! I eat cleaner and start working out again. And guess what? In that process, I burn off some of the extra fat I gained during the first trimester. If you are stuck at home right now, and pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic, working out at home is just as good as the gym. There are so many options, and I even have a small, super affordable nutrition and workout program that is basically how I eat and workout to keep from gaining extra weight.

The Belly-Only pregnancy fitness program is a specific program for pregnant mamas looking to stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant. This program is also designed to prepare you for labor, as well as protect your core and pelvic floor for after baby. I’ve had three babies, and I wish I did a program like this! I was able to gain minimal weight during all three of my pregnancies, and lose it all within a few months because of my diet, but I didn’t focus on the repair work my muscles needed to recover and heal! That is why I first created my postpartum program, The Postpartum Cure. After popular demand, and many requests for a pregnancy program, I now created this program for mamas wanting to do some prep-work, eat clean and gain minimal weight while pregnant!.

The trick to burning fat while pregnant is to eat the right kind of calories and the right amount of calories to nourish your body and baby, while also telling your body to use fat as an energy source. 

Using fat as energy:

Don’t be scared to use fat as energy. That is what it is there for, and for some reason many mamas have a fear that if they reduce calories in any way, they won’t be giving baby enough energy or nutrients. If you reduce calories and eat low-quality foods like packaged goods, breads, crackers, fast food etc., then you are doing a disservice to both mama and baby. Eating nutrient-dense foods, like the ones I recommend in my clean eating challenge for pregnant mamas, then you are doing more than just helping your body burn fat.

Eating a clean, nutrient-dense diet is the first way to switch your body into burning fat. By giving it a lot of fruits and veggies, you are reducing the excess sugar and fat that comes in any packaged and process foods. The excess fat and sugar is what gets stored in fat cells. Switching to nutrient-dense foods fills your body with nutrients, rather than ecxess calories. It alos dmatically impacts your growing baby.

A nutrient-dense diet determines your baby’s health:

This is really important to go over becasue eating healthy to burn fat is one goal, but eating health to positively pre-program your baby should be another major goal. Your baby’s genes can actually be turned on or off based on your nutritional intake. Your nutrition can protect your baby from diseases, help baby learn to properly digest food and regulate metabolism.

There are many benefits of eating healthy for baby, so you can burn fat while pregnant, and still know you are supplying your baby with everything it needs! Eating more vitamins and minerals during pregnancy ensures you are giving your baby the nutrients it needs to develop. A great diet during pregnancy can override genentic predisposition to disease. “

Research shows that maternal nutritional status during pregnancy plays a more important role in determining foetal health and predisposition to some diseases, than genetic factors…Source.

What is even more astonishing is that by eating healthy, you are pre-programming your baby to properly digest food, produce insulin and regulate metabolism. This is a long quote, but it is super important to support the impact of a healthy diet during pregnancy:

Maternal nutrition during pregnancy also appears to have a “foetal programming” effect, that is, the foetus learns nutritional habits, which will influence it for the rest of its life, before it is even born. A foetus will also adapt its metabolism and other body systems to cope with different states of nutrition. For example, an under-nourished foetus, which does not receive enough macronutrients or energy, responds by reducing glucose and insulin production, which ultimately slows the rate of foetal growth and increases the risk of low birth weight. It may also alter the metabolism permanently and leave an individual predisposed to metabolic conditions such as diabetes. The foetus also adapts to under-nutrition by redirecting blood flow and therefore the supply of nutrients to protect the brain, at the expense of fully developing other organs including the kidneys, muscles and endocrine system (the system which regulates the body’s hormone production).” Source.

Your nutrition is so important to burning fat during pregnancy, and I highly recommend grabbing delicious protein shakes to help you get your fruits and veggies down. That’s partly how I keep from gaining tons of weight in the first trimester, and how I stay healthy all through my pregnancy. I of course drink this protein powder, and the pregnancy formula will be out soon, which is very similar!

Exercise to improve energy + metabolism:

Exercise is going to be super important to burning fat as well as your nutrition. I put nutrition above exercise, because that is honestly the key. Exercise is going to give you more energy, help you become strong for birth and increase your health overall. Exercise can help your blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure, which are monitored during pregnancy.

Walking regularly is one of the best ways you can stay active during pregnancy. I usually get back to running in the second trimester, then go to walking in the third. Either way, walking helps your body stay moving, has a low-injury rate, and it is difficult to over exert yourself. When you combine walking with compound weight movements like I have in my program, you can really stay very fit all pregnancy. A great plan to stay fit at home would include some weight work maybe on a Youtube video, and walking 3-4 miles 5-6 days a week.

Walking and weight lifting tend to keep you in a fat burning zone, which is partly why I suggest this activity as your workout plan.

HIIT workouts and running are amazing for more calorie burn, but it is really easy to over exert yourself and get an injury if you are carrying more weight than necessary.

Drink lots of water:

This is the last tip to burn fat during pregnancy. Water is going to help you swell less, feel more full, and avoid headaches. It will also help heal your muscles after weight lifting. I keep a 24oz reusable Starbucks cup with me at all times, and do various versions of ice water plain, with a little lemon and sometimes with grapefruit or cucumber. Depending on what I have, but the little bit of taste changes it up. It’s hot here in South Florida, so keeping ice water on hand at all times is really important.

I highly suggest my free, two week clean eating program for pregnant mamas to jump start you on new habits. With this, you can have some guidance on what to eat, and some recipes to help you know what to make! Your first step is to clean up your nutrition while pregnant. This often times slows weight gain naturally, because healthier foods are lower calories. Healthy foods are high in fiber and protein, which makes you feel much more satiated on lower calories.

I also go over all the calorie recommendations for pregnant mamas. I learned all about this in my certification course to become a Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, and there are specific calorie points you can start with when deciding how much to eat. I highly recommend writing down everything you eat for three days, with no attempt to eat more or less. Then total the average calories per day, and reduce by a few hundred each day. That will give you a benchmark. I go into more details on burning fat while pregnant with exactly how much you should gain or not gain when starting pregnancy heavier, the calories you can start at, and recipes for comfort foods to keep you on track!

I also have a very popular Postpartum weight loss program, The Postpartum Cure. This is for mamas looking to heal and lose the baby weight safely, while keeping your milk supply super high! I encourage you to check it out and see what some of the mamas are saying about it! I have a package deal, so you can do both programs, or if you are already feeling too far into pregnancy to attempt to change your habits, The Postpartum Cure might be just perfect for you.

burn fat during pregnancy

Weight gain during the first trimester can be the most troublesome because there really shouldn’t be much weight gained. Aside from a few pounds of water weight, baby is not causing much extra weight at all, yet the first trimester is the hardest for me to eat healthy and exercise. I’ve recently just started feeling better at 12 weeks pregnant, and I gained about 5lbs. Techincally you don’t need to gain much more than 5lbs in the first trimester, but without some of my little tricks I’ve learned after 4 pregnancies now, I’d be closer to 10lbs. I literally just eat and sleep for weeks. I went from eating healthy and running about 4 miles every morning, to eating, sitting, sleeping and eating more. The first trimester, I find myself so sedated and sick feeling, yet so hungry and needing food ALL THE TIME. If you aren’t aware of your eating habits, the whole situation can be very discouraging. I promise I have some tips that will help you feel better about eating all the food and not exercising at all.

How much weight should you gain in the first trimester?

It’s recommended that you gain around 3-4lbs in the first trimester. There isn’t a real need to gain weight during this time because baby doesn’t really weigh anything. There is your expanding uterus, and some extra water, but that’s about it. If you focus on just this point, the whole process of gaining weight can feel frustrating.

first trimester weight gain

How long does the first trimester neausea last?

I think I’ve Googled this every pregnancy. You are probably feeling funny around 6 or 7 weeks, and the peak of the HCG is at about 8-9 weeks. Weeks 9 and 10 were not fun for me either, then I started to come out of it around 11 weeks. That’s when the HCG hormone is leveling out, and you should be leveled out around 13 weeks. I have had pregnancies where I didn’t feel better until 13-14 weeks. If you make it to 10 weeks, just know you are getting close to the end! Just knowing the curve of the hormone levels really helped me stay motivated and survive.

How I Survive Morning Sickness (All Day Sickness)

What to focus on, to control weight gain during the first trimester:

Total weight gain for your pregnancy:

First thing you need to do is remember that you have a long way to go, and just because you gain more than recommended in the first trimester, doesn’t mean you will gain too much in your whole pregnancy. Most of the time, like me, if you gain more weight during your first trimester it is because of the exhaustion and icky feelings. Food makes me feel better, and it might for you too. Because the first trimester is such a survival mode, once you get to the second trimester, you can get back to eating healthier! I can barely eat fruit during the first trimester, and I know I’m starting to feel better when I can eat fruit again. I also keep reminding myself the second trimester is my chance to get healthy again and fix my habits. Usually, this works really well.

My Favorite Foods and Meals For Morning Sickness

Total calories for the day:

I’ve found that by writing down what I’m eating, I realize I’m not eating as much as I feel like I’m eating. Because I eat so healthy most of the time, when I start eating toast, chips, nachos, creamy soups, pastas and foods that are way off my norm, my head can play tricks on me. If you do this, you will realize you aren’t eating a million calories, even though you might feel like it. Mentally, this really helped me!! I saw that what I wanted to eat, didn’t add up to as many calories as I thought it would, and I stayed within a calorie zone, still eating what made me feel better. This is a game-changer mentally!! You will be able to relax and not stress out too much.

Stay as active as possible when you feel the best:

I have evening sickness, so I would do my best to be “active” in the morning. This might be taking my boys to the park, going on a walk or just cleaning around the house. Anything to keep moving for as long as possible, because I knew I’d be laying around later in the day. Maybe you feel terrible in the morning, so you can add some activity in the evening.

Try chewing gum:

This is actually really helpful, especially if it is a minty gum. I found that once I started eating, I had a hard time stopping. I just wanted to eat everything. If I popped some gum after a meal, I could take a break from eating without feeling neauseaus. I was basically chewing gum all the time and numerous pieces in an hour. As soon as the flavor wears off, it doesn’t work, so I had to keep the pieces fresh. Kinda weird, but it worked!

Sipping on a protein smoothie:

first trimester blueberry smoothie

I found that sipping on a smoothie was a great way to help myself get in more vitamins and protein. I would slowly drink it, or eat it with a spoon, and it was very comforting. I of course use this protein powder and the pregnancy blend will be out soon. It has the needed folate that is really important for the first trimester, as well as other essential vitmains! Low sugar and high in protein too! Because it lasted longer that way, I felt more satisfied. I liked blueberry smoothies or banana peanut butter smooothies. I LOVE salty in the first trimester, so the banana peanut butter really worked the best most of the time.

Lay down before eating:

Sometimes the neausea tricked me into thinking I needed to eat something. If I layed down to close my eyes, I would actually realize I felt a lot better just resting. Sometimes if I gave myself 15 minutes to rest, I could make it a little longer without eating – again. My struggle was obviously just wanting to shove food in my face all the time.

I finally made it through the first trimester, with three kids, and I am not totally sure how I did it. The past few weeks have been a complete blurr, where I was in a real fog, but it does pass. Just take it one day at a time. Make sure you are taking a good prenatal, and be sure to read my tips to sooth neausea.  

A belly-only pregnancy is where you gain mostly belly, and the limited recommended weight. This involves water weight, and some fat that is necessary for breast milk production. A belly-only pregnancy is a super fit pregnancy, where you maintain muscle mass, eat healthy, and ultimately look all belly! I LOVED working out during pregnancy. It made me one million times happier as a pregnant mama. I was able to stay much more energetic, as well as keep up with my two toddler boys while pregnant with my third. A belly-only pregnancy is a fit and healthy pregnancy, and it is completely possible. Here are three simple steps to a belly-only pregnancy to keep you fit, happy and healthy. This will also make losing the baby weight so much easier and faster!

Start With Protein and Fiber:

I don’t want to be general here and tell you to just have a clean diet. That is obvious, and I have a great clean-eating challenge that is free for pregnant mamas. BUT, the key to feeling full and satisfied is high-fiber carbs and protein. Your baby uses carbs and protein as the main source of energy, so you want to eat both, but you don’t want empty carbs. Those just make you eat and eat. High-fiber fruits and vegetables are ideal, and I go more in-depth on this in my program. I personally love a my complete protein powder, which has all the amino acids you need, and is perfectly safe for both you and baby! Making a protein shake in the morning, or for dessert with delicious frozen fruit and the powder is so yummy and filling!! I have some recipes in my program, and I highly recommend this for all my pregnant mamas looking to stay nourished and FULL!

I do have a prenatal protein powder out now, called Bump Dust. It is the protein powder I love, and the sister product to my amazing Milk Dust. I can’t tell you how simple protein powder makes nutrition. It really helps me get in those fruits and veggies without having to make a salad or do a lot of prep.

For me, when I am pregnant, healthy salads and food is less appealing. I LOVE french friens and chips. I could live off of them all day, but I KNOW that doesn’t work, and that it isn’t good for baby. Our nutrition, as mothers during pregnancy, plays a vital role in fetal genetic development, so good nutrition is so much more than just not gaining too much weight. It is really important for baby as well. That’s where I’ve found protein shakes to be a super helpful, yummy way to get in a lot of nutrition.

The Belly-Only pregnancy fitness program is a specific program for pregnant mamas looking to stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant. This program is also designed to prepare you for labor, as well as protect your core and pelvic floor for after baby. I’ve had three babies, and I wish I did a program like this! I was able to gain minimal weight during all three of my pregnancies, and lose it all within a few months because of my diet, but I didn’t focus on the repair work my muscles needed to recover and heal! That is why I first created my postpartum program, The Postpartum Cure. After popular demand, and many requests for a pregnancy program, I now created this program for mamas wanting to do some prep-work, eat clean and gain minimal weight while pregnant!

I have a very specific pregnancy diet plan that is actually super simple, yet the key to gaining minimal weight while pregnant. As a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, I studied the massive benefits of nutrition during pregnancy for both mamas and babies. I included lots of recipes in this program to help you feel motivated and full of ideas to eat healthy.

Exercise 6 Days A Week:

I am serious on this one! There is a lot of prep work you need to do to make labor easier, and your body needs exercise even when you are pregnant. In my program, I have specific workouts to protect your core from Diastasis Recti (or watch this video on 5 moves you can do NOW!) as well as workouts to strengthen your pelvic floor, and plans for each trimester. These involve strength workouts and walking as your cardio. I prescribe walking 5-6 days a week if you are fit-enough to handle it. My goal is to get a minimum of 10,000 steps every day. Even without working out, I can do this by playing with my kids, cleaning and going on walks. Walking is amazing because you can safely work your heart while walking with extra weight. This makes it an amazing cardio workout, and if you were a jogger before you got pregnant – keep jogging! Working out during pregnancy involves using a special method to determine your exertion level, not heart rate. I also explain this in the program too. Basically, in order to have a belly-only pregnancy, you need to do strength exercises and cardio 5-6 days a week. Your strength days can be about 3 days a week, and your cardio or walking, 5-6. If you have access to a gym or machines at home, getting your steps in should be no problem. I also have free workouts here you can do at home!

First Trimester Fat-Burning Cardio Workout At Home

Drink A Lot:

I hate that this concept is almost over-talked-about, but it is because it is super important. You just need more water as a pregnant mama, and you will be less swollen if you drink and flush your body with a lot of water. Water can also help with headaches and cravings. If you fill up on water, you won’t be able to eat as much at once, so you can help yourself not binge on all the nachos (did anyone else love nachos while pregnant like me??!!). I am adamant about this one, so please get yourself a huge water bottle, and guzzle it down all day. Also, just be prepared to use the bathroom all the time. It is one of the consequences of drinking a lot even when not pregnant. This will also help you if you are working out regularly and sweating. I get so annoyed with how much water I have to drink when I am running and working out, then with pregnancy on top of that, I might as well have a camel back on at all times. Anyways, this one is the least fun, but still very important.

Every snack should have protein and fiber:

You’re probably not surprised I am saying this again, but I want every snack to be a fruit or veggie with a protein. By keeping it just this simple, you are going to be fueling your body, and nourishing baby! Her are some snack ideas:

Just The Bump Snack Ideas:

  • Carrots and hummus (or peppers, cucumbers, etc.)
  • Turkey and avocado (good deli turkey, wrapped around avocado)
  • Apples and peanut butter
  • Berries and non-fat greek yogurt
  • Protein shake
  • Hard-boiled egg with fruit
  • Low-fat Cottage cheese and fruit
  • Simple salad
  • Lettuce wraps with ground turkey or tuna

There are so many ways to combine fiber and protein, and it really is the most filling and nutritious way to nourish youself without gaining a lot of weight.

My basics for having a belly-only pregnancy are fiber, protein, water and exercise. It is actually amazing how far you can get just by focusing on those things. If every snack and meal is clean, full of fiber and protein, with a lot of water, you can’t eat too much at once. If you are working out too, then you are feeling great and taking good care of your body too!

How To Burn and Lose Fat During Pregnancy – Yes You Can!

Running safely during pregnancy is completely possible if you are in decent shape, or were running before you got pregnant. You don’t have to stop running just because you are pregnant. During the first trimester, running may be the last thing on your list, but I was able to pick up my running again with my third baby in my second trimester. Running can be an awesome way to keep your heart rate up, give you a huge boost in energy, and ultimately combat the fatigue and cravings that happen so easily while pregnant. Now that I am just 12 weeks into my fourth pregnancy, I am dreaming of running again. I stopped running about 6-7 weeks pregnant because I just felt so tired and sick. Around 8 weeks I couldn’t workout or even go walking until a few days ago. Now, I’ve been gathering up my energy and strength by walking 2-3 miles a day to start getting ready to run again.

*Update! At 19 weeks pregnant, I get to sneak out and run every once in a while, and I can run about 2 miles. It isn’t like it used to be, but because I’ve been building my strength back up, and doing cardio workouts at home, I can jump out and go almost any chance I get!

Running is an amazing way to stay in shape, or even burn fat during pregnancy. Running burns a lot of calories, tones your muscles and gives you a boost of energy. I’m assuming if you are reading this, you were running before pregnancy, or have learned to love running at some point. Most pregnant mamas have no desire to take up running if they were never a runner. If you haven’t been running at all prior to pregnancy, you may need to go super slow. In general, it is recommended to keep doing what you were doing before pregnancy, not jump into any brand new workout plans. This is because your body is used to that activity, making you less prone to injury and over exertion.

Important tip to remember when running during pregnancy:

Overexertion is really important to avoid during any pregnancy workout, especially later in pregnancy. As you begin your workout routine, or running, keep in mind your exertion levels. For example a leisurely walk might be a 1 or 2 exertion level. A sprint as fast as you can for more than 30 seconds would be a 10. Going past a 7 is usually not a good idea for a longer workout. Of course you know your body and fitness level, but keep this in mind as you start jogging, so you know when you might need to take a walking break.

Is running during pregnancy really safe?

First off, yes. Especially if you were running before you got pregnant. Most doctors advise that you can continue your fitness activities that you were doing before you got pregnant. If you were not a runner at all, and for whatever reason pregnancy has made you decide to become a runner, you can still do it carefully.

Running is going to be super uncomfortable at first, and you will need to know how to calibrate your exertion level because heart rate monitors are inaccurate during pregnancy. This is what I go over in my program, so you can really push yourself during your workouts, yet know when to stop. Becoming more winded and out of breath is also common during pregnancy. If you are going to start running again, you need to work at a level that allows you to get enough oxygen, but challenges your heart a bit.

How to start running during pregnancy:

Here’s what I want you to do if you are going to either start running again, or take up running during pregnancy. I want you to set out at a walk. Then pick up a jog that keeps you at a conversation pace. This means you could jog with someone and chat with them next to you. If this is super, super slow, no big deal. The goal is to get your body used to jogging, but keep your heart rate and breathing manageable. Stick to this pace as long as you can.

If you are a beginner, this might feel okay for 2-5 minutes. Decide how long it feels okay, then allow yourself to walk for half the time you jogged. This gives you a break, then jog for the 2-5 minutes again. Doing intervals is a great way to build up your endurance, and make time go by much faster .

If you can jog and hold a conversation pace for more than 20 minutes, then you can add faster speeds into your jog. For example, jog for 2 minutes, pick up the pace for 2 minutes, jog for 2 minutes…and go forward that way. This will help keep your exertion level in check, but still allowing you to challenge yourself.

Once you have a starting place, you can add faster intervals into your jogs to help you safely increase speed. If you want to go over 20 minutes, stay at your conversation pace for 5 minutes, then go faster for 2 minutes, then back to 5 minutes. This will help you save your energy to make it for a longer run.

Strength workouts are very important if running during pregnancy:

Make sure you do some strength training a few days a week to protect your joints. You don’t need to add much weight, but you do need to keep your muscles active, engaged and used to ensure they can protect your joints. Lunges, squats, hip thrusts and glute work are super important to protect your knees and hips, and for keeping your pelvic floor strong too! My program is strength-based with walking. This allows any mama to be able to jump in and stay fit in a short amount of time. Strength is very important during pregnancy because your ligaments are much loser. When ligaments are loser, joints and muscles can get out of place easier. By adding in more strength work, you can protect your joints, especially hips and knees, so you can enjoy running or walking.

The Belly-Only pregnancy fitness program is a specific program for pregnant mamas looking to stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant. This program is also designed to prepare you for labor, as well as protect your core and pelvic floor for after baby. I’ve had three babies, and I wish I did a program like this! I was able to gain minimal weight during all three of my pregnancies, and lose it all within a few months because of my diet, but I didn’t focus on the repair work my muscles needed to recover and heal! That is why I first created my postpartum program, The Postpartum Cure. After popular demand, and many requests for a pregnancy program, I now created this program for mamas wanting to do some prep-work, eat clean and gain minimal weight while pregnant!

I have a very specific pregnancy diet plan that is actually super simple, yet the key to gaining minimal weight while pregnant. As a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, I studied the massive benefits of nutrition during pregnancy for both mamas and babies. I included lots of recipes in this program to help you feel motivated and full of ideas to eat healthy.

The hardest part of running during pregnancy:

Your bladder. This can get super annoying later in pregnancy because your bladder can only hold so much. This is where you will need to run where there are bathrooms. Keep this in mind as you head into the third trimester especially. Don’t slow down on drinking your water. You need lots of water to keep you from swelling, especially if you are working out. As running can get more difficult, it is a great idea to alternate running and walking, or running and the elyptical machine to keep your joins and pelvic region from too much pressure.

A belly-band can really help:

There can be a lot of pressure from your belly as you get farther along. There are some great belly bands and supportive active pants that can really make running feel a lot more comfortable.

Grabbing a good, supportive band can alleviate and hip pain, back pain and support your belly as you get larger. Preventing injury and pain is really important, so you can continue staying active and fit through the whole pregnancy.

Get real running shoesrunning shoes:

Do not just go running in any workout shoes. If you are going to be adding up the mileage, running shoes are really important. They are going to support your joints, hips and shins. All experienced runners know the impact a good pair of shoes can gave, so please don’t skip this step. I have bought the wrong pair of shoes before, mostly because I was trying to spend less, and I ended up in pain. You can find a good pair of shoes around the $60-70 mark, and sometimes the off colors will be on sale on Amazon. If you have a high arch, make sure you get good support.

If you feel any pelvic pain during running, stop:

As your joints become loose, things move around easier and you can feel more pain. Don’t run if you feel any pain at all. It isn’t worth it. Walk fast, find some stairs and have a back up plan ready. Walk up hills too. This is a great way to get your heart rate up with limited impact on your joints!

Recover With Good Nutrition:

I always recover with a protien shake. These are so helpful to getting in fast nutrition after your workout, so you don’t binge on a craving later. Plus, this protein powder tastes amazing, and the complete pregnancy blend is coming soon.

Running during pregnancy is a healthy way to stay in shape and monitor weight gain. There is a lot more to having a fit pregnancy, including diastasis recti prevention, pelvic floor work and strength too, which I have all ready to go for you in my program. Your nutrition is also extremely important. None of your workouts matter one bit if you aren’t making good choices in the kitchen. I would much rather you go to the grocery and buy all the fruits and vegetables you can, than go for a run. Nutrition is HUGE! Don’t forget that part, and keep up with your running and walking, and you will have a fantastic, healthy and energetic pregnancy.

A belly-only pregnancy involves working hard on your fitness game even as your belly grows. Staying fit during pregnancy is super important, more than just for gaining only a belly. It has numerous benefits on mama and baby in terms of health, nutrients and mood. As I get into my second trimester of my fourth pregnancy, I am super excited to really start working out again. I have a lot off fatigue and neausea from about 8-12 weeks, where I literally just eat and sleep. Mentally, it is really depressing for me, but it also reminds me just how important exercise is feeling better during pregnancy.

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I’ve talked about how my first and second pregnancies I was less active, and ultimately gained the most weight. My third pregnancy, I was determined to get my steps in every day, workout and be much healthier. It works! I am telling you that staying focused on activity, workouts and a clean diet REALLY works to have a belly-only pregnancy.

My free, clean-eating challenge is going to do amazing things for you, especially if you do it while adding in some of these exercises. I am currently doing a 21-day eating clean challenge with the mamas in my postpartum program (they don’t know I’m pregnant yet!), and I’ve been really feeling so much better. You can even burn off extra fat you’ve already gained by eating clean and exercising.

The Belly-Only pregnancy fitness program is a specific program for pregnant mamas looking to stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant. This program is also designed to prepare you for labor, as well as protect your core and pelvic floor for after baby. I’ve had three babies, and I wish I did a program like this! I was able to gain minimal weight during all three of my pregnancies, and lose it all within a few months because of my diet, but I didn’t focus on the repair work my muscles needed to recover and heal! That is why I first created my postpartum program, The Postpartum Cure. After popular demand, and many requests for a pregnancy program, I now created this program for mamas wanting to do some prep-work, eat clean and gain minimal weight while pregnant!

I have a very specific pregnancy ciet plan that is actually super simple, yet the key to gaining minimal weight while pregnant. As a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, I studied the massive benefits of nutrition during pregnancy for both mamas and babies. I included lots of recipes in this program to help you feel motivated and full of ideas to eat healthy.

Why are these exercises smart ones for a belly-only pregnancy?

These exercises are called compound exercises. This means you are working mulitple muscle groups at once. You get a bigger bang for your buck. Rather than just doing squats, you are adding a press at the top to work your arms too. You burn more calories at once, and get more muscle groups engaged. You can save time, yet still do a lot of work.

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5 smart exercises for a belly-only pregnancy:

Squat Press:

squat press

These are hard, which is why they are the first move. All you need is a pair of dumbells. Place the dumbells on your shoulders and squat down. As you come up, stand up then press them straight up. That is one rep. Do 10 total for one set. I want you to go through one set of each move, then circle around and do 2 more sets. Start with light dumbells, then you can progress to heavier as you get into better shape.

Single Leg Dead lift with Row:

single leg dead lift with row

This one requires your core, legs and arms, so it is a great one. I want you to grab one dumbell in your hand, hinge at the hips and bend over, lifting the opposite leg as your dumbell. Your leg will lift straight back, your arm straight down. Hold your leg back, row the weight back so your elbow comes even with your side. Come back to standing and do it 10 times on one side. Switch sides for 10 times on the other side. That is one set.

Crab Walk:

crab walk

This involves now weights, and it is totally awkward. Start by sitting on your glutes, knees bent and prop yourself up behind you. Lift your hips off the ground and walk with your hips raised. Leading with your heels pulling you, and your arms pushing behind. Choose a distance to walk and walk it 10 times. A full-body workout yes!

Lunge + Bicep Curl:

lunge bicep curl

This involves the dumbells. All you have to do is stand in place with your dumbells in hand, hanging at your side. Lunge forward with one leg, hold position and curl your dumbells up. Face your dumbells parallel to the floor. If they are perpendicular, you will be still working your arms, just different muscles. Do 20 lunges, 10 on each side.

Reverse Lunge + Tricep Curl:

reverse lunge tricep curl

The reverse lunge activates the hamstrings and glutes just a bit more than the forward lunge. You will need your dumbells again. Start standing with dumbells at your side. Lunge backwards with one leg, lift the opposite arm so your elbow is near your head. Hinge so you weight is behind your head, then extend your arm straight, so the dumbell goes towards the ceiling. Bring your leg back in. Do the same side for 10 reps. Then switch sides for 10 more.

Some great pieces of equipment for a prenatal workout are:

Exercise Ball:

This will come in handy as you get farther into your pregnancy. It can help with stabalization as you isolate muscles, and there are a lot of labor prep videos with a ball.


Dumbells or Kettlebells:

I use both. I have a lighter set of dumbells and my kettlebells are heavier. I have found that these come in handy when wanting to do lower reps with heavier weight, and just get it done!

A good mat:

There’s a lot of stretching and floor work you can do that lowers the impace on your joints as you get farther a long. A good mat is super important, with a thicker base to make it more comfortable.

These are a lot easier to keep around the house for strength work. I do a lot of hip and glute work with bands. Many people underestimate the power of small resistance.

I want you to do one set of each move. Then, circle back around for the next set. Three sets total to get you through this belly-only workout!

I love compound moves like these ones because you get more done at once. In my program, we do a lot of compound moves in addition to cardio, so you stay as fit as possible during your pregnancy. Also, I have some awesome recipes, nutrition guidelines, and lot of details on the amazing benefits of exercising while pregnant. I hope you try the free clean-eating challenge too!

In addition to doing strength work, stay active and walk throughout the day.

Strength workouts can be around 15 – 30 minutes, depending on how many exercises you are doing. This should not be your main activity all day. I HIHGLY encourage the mamas in my program to walk at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. Walking will help with swelling, keep your blood flowing and overall help you burn fat. I also tell the mamas in my postpartum program to get 10,000 steps in a day. That usually means staying fairly active cleaning, cooking and wrangling children as well as a 2-3 mile walk. Same goes for pregnancy. Focusing on steps is a great way to get more activity in, without having to carve out time to actually work out.

I am now on pregnancy number four, which is hard to believe. I personally dislike being pregnant, but I’v found that staying fit and active makes it so much easier! I was less active with my second pregnancy, and I can tell you I was more tired, gained more weight, and overall didn’t feel as good. With my third, I was much more active. Being pregnant in the sumer near Seattle was actually a great advantage because we were so much more active outside. I walked a lot, and went to the gym on a regular basis towards the end. I promise you, it helps!

Now that we are going through the COVID-19 crisis, I am staying active walking with my boys and working out at home. I will have a great round up of awesome free workouts that are perfect for pregnancy here soon. I do have my program, the Belly-Only Fitness program, which basically means gaining the appropriate amount of weight. My program is more nutrition=focused, with printable workouts and video demonstrations, and now is a great time to buy it because I am going to be fixing it all up, adding more and creating an app for it! It can defiinitely help you stay healthy at home during these difficult times.

Here are my 7 tips for a fit pregnancy:

Find a Workout Plan:

Getting yourself on a workout plan is going to help you stay accountable and motivated. This will also help you know what to do when you do get a chance to work out. Finding the time and energy is hard, and a workout plan will help you know what to do when you actually get a chance to do it. A prenatal workout plan will also ensure you are doing safe exercises that protect you from diastasis recti postpartum or pelvic floor issues after baby. You can take a look at my program, and there are tons of workouts on Youtube that you can do at home!  The key is to do something active every day.  In my postpartum group, I challenge my mamas to get in 10,000 steps or more a day. This is also wonderful for pregnancy too.

Here’s one of my cardio workouts, and follow me on Instagram to get more of my free workouts that I will be doing all pregnancy!


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My favorite COMPOUND exercises! Compound exercises involve using multiple groups of muscles, like lower and upper body. When you do compound exercises you are using more muscle groups at once, so burning more calories. Add some cardio in, and it is a super efficient workout! 👍Start with a lighter dumbbell set, to make it through 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. 👉 Each move is 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest between each move. 👉 Complete all moves for one set! You get 1 min break in between sets 👉5 sets total, then done! Let me know if you try it! It has strength, full body and cardio in one! Most all my workouts have some cardio in there! I also have an AWESOME ankle weight, cardio workout I created the other day, which you all NEED to try too! #secondtrimester #secondtrimesterworkout #fitpregnancy #17weekspregnant #fitbump #healthypregnancy #preggers #fourthpregnancy . . . #postpartumnutrition #breastfeedingnutrition #breastfeedingdiet #4thtrimester #4thtrimesterbodies #bodyafterbaby #losingthebabyweight #losethebabyweight #postpartumweightloss #postpartumworkout #postpartumhealing #postpartumlife #postnatalfitness #postnatalhealing #postpartimdiet

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Find Healthy Versions of Comfort Food:

This is actually super helpful during pregnancy. If you can lighten-up and create healthier versions of your comfort foods, you will learn to eat healthier, and be much happier. There are lighter versions of ice cream out there, fabulous cauliflower pizza crust recipes and more that will have you feeling like you ate all the yummy things. I like Halo Top ice cream, Pop Chips and Cereal School cereal to help my cravings.

I’ve found that protein shakes really help curb my cravings once I get out of the first trimester. I use Bump Dust almost daily now, and I am able to maintain my weight, cravings, and keep my energy up for all my workouts! I highly recommend grabbing a good prenatal protein powder to get your shakes in with lots of nutrients!


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The boys and I are making one of my favorite smoothies with my new, Bump Dust by @milkdustprotein. They love the shakes as well, and have fun helping me make them. at #18weekspregnant, I’m now feeling so good, working out and eating much healthier, which is good for baby! #prenataldiet #secondtrimester #pregnancynutrition #fitbump #healthypregnancy #preggers #fourthpregnancy . . . #postpartumfitness #postpartumweightloss #postpartumworkout #postpartumhealing #postpartumlife #postnatalfitness #postnatalhealing #postpartimdiet #4thtrimester #4thtrimesterbodies #bodyafterbaby #losingthebabyweight #losethebabyweight #pregnancydiet #pregnancyworkout #prenatalfitness

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Find a Partner:

Finding a partner to walk will push you to get your walks in. Walking during pregnancy is one of the best forms of cardio, yet it can be long and boring. Meeting a friend, pregnant or not, will make sure you have someone to help you if you need it, as well as keep you going. I was lucky my sister and I were pregnant together on my last pregnancy, so we could exercise and stay active together. This time around I am across the country in Florida, but I have three, active little boys who need a lot of walking.

I recommend every pregnant mama to get at least 10,000 steps in a day. This is usually a normal day for a mom, plus walking an extra 2 miles. If you have a desk job, this is a lot harder to do, but you can get up and walk around every 15 minutes or so at your job to help.

Cook More, Eat Out Less:

I know you are pregnant and tired, but if you can focus some of your limited energy on cooking at home more, you will naturally consume less calories and SALT! The salt will really contribute to swelling, and fast food or restaurants pile that stuff on. Do your best to limit the number of meals you eat out. Fast food can really be tempting during these times, but do the best you can to make all your fresh food.

Get an Exercise Ball:

There are many benefits to an exercise ball. I have some very specific pelvic floor and core exercises we do in my program with the ball, and there are some great stretches to relieve aches and pain. If you work at a desk, replace your chair with the exercise ball. This will make sure you are engaging your core and using more muscles while sitting.

Here’s a great workout to help you prevent Diastasis Recti and get your core engaged and activated.

Practice Good Posture:

Posture imbalances are one of the leading causes of pelvic issues postpartum. As the belly grows, the glutes and hamstrings relax, your chin falls forward and the slouching begins. I want you to practice standing up tall with a neutral pelvis (slight arch). Lift yourself tall and tuck your chin back a bit. Don’t let your chin push out and your butt tuck under. This rotates the pelvic floor into an unnatural position. Practice this every day!

Do Your Kegels:

I have some very specific ways you can do your kegels in my program, and these are very important to maintaining muscle-mind connection. By practicing them now, you are developing the muscle memory for after baby arrives for healing and repair to begin. These are my seven tips that will help you stay as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. I know each one will help you, so keep them in mind each day as your pregnancy progresses.



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